How to change country on Google Play Store and download


There are few developments that are launched first in some countries and until a time does not do the same in other regions. An example is the games and I’m sure that, on more than one occasion, you have not been able to access your download where you are due to what we discussed. Even if for some reason the Google store is not properly configured, you may have problems with the payment method that can be used. Well, this is possible that you can correct it when changing the country in the Play Store.

How to change the country in Play Store

Doing this is not complicated and, in addition, does not put at risk the functioning of the application store we are talking about. Even as the process of changing countries in the Play Store is completely reversible – although with imitations – you can perform the process in question as many times as you wish. To achieve this, you have to do the following:

  • Open the Play Store application that you have on your Android device
  • Now, display the menu on the left and, to change the country in the Play Store, you have to choose the option Account
  • Among the options that appear you must select the one that has the name Country and profiles(if you do not see this option, read the last paragraph of this article)
  • Now, simply choose the one that fits the ones that appear on the screen
  • Once this is done, you Are through

Everything is very simple and, the truth is that in less than three minutes the process is completed. If you do not see all the options of the previous steps this is because you have restricted location options and, unless you are in another country, you can not proceed to change the country in the Play Store. In this case, it is best to use a VPN application for Android.


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