How To Activate 9Mobile 100% Double Data Bonus Plan for 2018


We all know that buying a data plan on 9mobile (Etisalat) is not too friendly in terms of the volume and cost (this is applicable to all network providers in Nigeria) but as a reader of this platform we always have something extraordinary for you to enjoy with or without your money.

The interesting thing is that we now have a way you can enjoy your money for purchasing a data plan on 9mobile (Etisalat) by making use of the double data offer which will double any amount of data you subscribe to, just as some of us on MTN have been enjoying our double data offer.

How To Activate 9Mobile 100% Double Data Bonus Plan For April 2018

🔄First step to take is to migrate your sim to Morecliq tariff plan by dialing 2441#

🔄After you must have successfully migrated to the plan, now dial *545# to activate the double data bonus.

🔄After activating the offer, you can now subscribe to any 9mobile data plan which will be doubled immediately.

🔄To check your data balance, dial *228#


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