7 Best Apps To Keep Track of Your Productivity

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Being productive at work, in school or in your personal life is a very important thing.

Unfortunately, with almost everyone having a computer or smart phone with them at all times, productivity has been falling over the last few years.
However, while these devices are often the reason we are less productive, they can also do wonders for increasing our productivity. With that in mind, here are seven apps that can help you track and increase your productivity. Some of these help you track your time, others help you focus and some simply help your streamline your life.

1. Evernote

If you are talking about productivity apps, you need to include Evernote in the conversation.

Evernote has been around for many years and has millions of users. While many use the apps simply to take notes, it can do so much more than that. Evernote can create to-do lists, save things to research or look at later and sync effortlessly with your other devices. Whether you are at work or at school, Evernote will definitely be of some use to you.

2. Clockspot

Time tracking is one of the best ways to manage and keep track of your productivity, especially when you need to keep track of your entire team. It can be accurate down to the minute and can serve as an easy reference if you are ever wondering what you were doing at a certain time.
However, doing it by hand with pen and paper can be a hassle. That is where Clockspot comes in. It is a great app that features a helpful and visually appealing timeline, as well as dozens of other features to help track you track time of your employees unlike ever before.

3. Trello

If you work with a team and want a productivity app to keep everyone in the same place and in the know, Trello might be for you. Trello works like a digital bulletin board that lets you set up tasks, lists, notes, conversations and more. The app is highly customizable and allows for easy and instant sharing between users. It can also be useful even if you aren’t part of a team as it can be a one-stop-shop for looking at all of your projects or tasks that you have on the go.

4. Stackify

While this isn’t an app in the traditional sense like most on this list, it definitely deserves a spot here. Stackify is a set of tools that help developers to monitor their apps, as well as make them better in a number of ways. So if running and maintaining applications is something you do frequently with work, using Stackify can keep you productive. You can learn how to monitor IIS performance with Stackify

, as well as do dozens of other things to help keep track of your app’s performance.

5. Forest

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While these apps all are great to help you be more productive, there are some times where you
just need to put your phone down and focus on your work. While some of us can do it with
willpower, some others cannot. For them, there is a handy little app called Forest. Forest is an app that lets you set a timer and put your phone down for a while to focus on other tasks. You can’t check messages, make calls or visit websites. If you are successful in not checking your phone, you get to add a tree to your virtual forest. After a week or two, you can look back at all the trees you created to see just how productive you were.

6. Buffer

If you work with social media in any capacity for your job or just in your personal life, you are likely familiar with how incredibly annoying it can be to manage and monitor multiple accounts. Thankfully, Buffer is here to help with all of your social media management woes. It can help you schedule posts, manage multiple accounts, shorten links and even provide you with some detailed analytics.

7. ToDoist

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You would be hard pressed to find a more user-friendly productivity and to-do list app than ToDoist. This app is great for keeping track of all your tasks whether you want to see them in daily, weekly or monthly view. The app also tracks your progress of how many tasks you successfully complete and is perfect for personal tasks like getting groceries or hitting the gym, or professional tasks like getting to meetings on time and finishing projects.

7 Best Apps To Keep Track of Your Productivity
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7 Best Apps To Keep Track of Your Productivity
Being productive at work, in school or in your personal life is a very important thing.
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