MTN Mega Hunt 2018 Promo Started – Read Here


There have been this ongoing issues making head ways about the MTN Mega Hunt Promo, and that is the reason I have decided to make this publication.

But it will be of a good thing if we discuss what the MTN Mega Hunt Promo 2016 is all about. This promo is a trivia-based contest which allows all MTN subscribers to participate in the promo for a chance to win some exciting prizes, which includes an SUV, electronics, and some fantastic cash prizes that will be given out on a daily and on a weekly bases at the end of each month.

We have been told that The MTN Mega Hunt Promo as it where, is actually open to all MTN subscribers that uses the MTN’s services that are resident in Nigeria only (the “Customers”).

Please all applicants should note that the Participating age limit must be 18 years or older to enable them participate in this Service.

Now this is very important to applicants. All applicants should also note that the Mega Promo will afford them, an opportunity to choose from three categories of participation listed below:

  • MTN Freeland – Standard trivia Participation
  • MTN Mega Hunt  (VIP Class) – Premium trivia Participation
  • Master Class (Discovery) – an Infotainment Service

MTN Freeland – Standard Trivia Participation

This category is to teach participants on how to Become a STANDARD PARTICIPANT in order to enjoy the Trivia Game and participate in the DAILY and WEEKLY STANDARD draws, free of charge. For anyone to become a STANDARD PARTICIPANT in the SERVICE applicants need to send an SMS to the short code 38427  or dial the USSD Code *173*2#.

Every MO SMS you send to 38427 (PARTICIPATION SMS) or call to *173*2# and all MTs from 38427 are actually free. But for the daily charge notification that shall also be sent from 38427 you will pay.

 MTN Mega Hunt (VIP Class) – Premium Trivia Participation

This category will teach you how you can become a PREMIUM PARTICIPANT which is by subscribing in the optional subscription service that will give all applied subscribers the extra feature below in comparison to being a STANDARD PARTICIPANT which will cost applicants on a daily cost of 100 NGN per day till the end of the SERVICE PERIOD.

For applicants to become a PREMIUM Participant in this category or  Service, applicants need to either they Dial the USSD code *173*1# and follow the instructions or they are to send an SMS to the short code 38427. Specific Keywords- such as “VIP” and “OK” sent to the short code 38427 and to accept the consequent confirmation request (Double Opt-In).

Please applicants should note that it will be only upon the confirmation of the second prompt to subscribe that participants will be deemed a Participant to the SERVICE according to these Terms and Conditions.

Also note that No charges will applied to subscribing until the aforementioned confirmation process has been completed. Also a Subscriber can join the VIP Class by following the SMS prompts as a standard participant.

The Premium Subscriber will be automatically sent one SMS every day (SUBSCRIPTION SMS) through the 38427 short code adding him in the corresponding DAILY & WEEKLY PREMIUM draw and charging him 100 Naira (including all taxes) For the rest of the  SERVICE PERIOD. all ,subscribers must be successfully charged at least once within this period in order for these Premium Subscribers to be eligible for the Prize of a specific prize period.

Master class – The Infotainment Service

The Master class, a running parallel and is also promoted through this Service, do allow her subscribers to enjoy infotainment trivia. This it does by having the option to select any of the the content category of their liking (which includes the Geography, Health Barometer, World Records) and also enjoy an infotainment trivia of questions and answers on a daily basis while at the same time receiving various informative facts around the specific category.

Also note that in other to promote the service, prizes will be given out (which is the SUV/month) and this will be in the following manner:

  • That Subscribers should enter a Monthly draw with 50 points upon first time subscription, only for the draw for the month in which they subscribed to the service.
  • That all Subscribers are to get the option to select content category of their liking only after a successful charge of N20 for a day

In other for applicants to be able to subscribe in the Infotainment Service category, he or she is espected to either Dial the USSD code *173*3# and ensure they follow the instructions or send specific keywords, such as “GO” and “OK” to the short code 38436 and to accept the consequent confirmation request (Double Opt-In).

Note that it will be only upon the confirmation of the second opt-in prompt to subscribe will one be deemed a Subscriber to the Service according to these Terms and Conditions. There will be no charges applied if the aforementioned confirmation process is completed as required. Also not that a Subscriber can be part of the infotainment service by following the SMS prompts as a standard participant. That’s all

The Subscriber who applied for this, will automatically receive a one SMS every day (SUBSCRIPTION SMS) through the 38436 shortcode with the first content of the day charging him 20 Naira (which includes all taxes).

For those experiencing issues of no deduction please NOTE that the Promo is new and it will soon be stable!

Do you have any contributions please share below in the comment section.


  1. We believe in MTN, the best network…. keep doing good and keep making us smile….congrats to all those that have won….

  2. U people have done well but that’s not the update we are expecting from u people, I know that u people are doing a wonderful thing in our life,s but pls try to place a call on the winners both in yafun yafun season 2 thanks


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