Samsung ‘texts’ Galaxy S7 users, assures them that their device is not marked for recall

There is no way that these past couple of days, you have not come across any news on the Galaxy Note 7 from Samsung which has since been discontinued.
Due to the fact that they are not making these ones again and they are also looking to clean out the market on the ones that have been sold out already, Samsung has introduced a recall and exchange program that can see you get either a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge when you bring in your Note 7 and this being the line-up that they are dependent on to gain back the trust of their customers, some news of Galaxy S7 explosions in the past might have been unnerving to them.
Given that the South Korean OEM is now looking at the Galaxy S7 device to recoup all of the losses that it accrued on the Note 7, some users have now stated that they got push messages from Samsung stating that their units are totally safe and free from getting a recall programme on it. For now, we hope that they can get this device out as much as possible and even, get more new customers to show interest in what is a damaged reputation at this point in time.


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