MTN KLEEK service Review


1. What is Kleek?

Ans: Kleek is an intelligent IVR based music station on your mobile with the capability of creating automated playlists. It is more than a radio, because you can listen to your choice of songs. More than that, you can maintain your own playlist. It offers functionality of downloading tracks and dedicating songs to anyone using Mobile. Also, you can set any songs as your caller tune.

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2. How do I access Kleek?

Ans: Dial 54881 from your mtn number and enjoy listening to your favorite music

3. How do I subscribe to the service?

Ans: Dial 54881 from your mtn number and follow the instructions.

4. What are the language options that I have?

Ans: This Service is available in English & Pidgin languages.

5. Am I charged for this service?
Ans: Yes. You will be charged. You can choose the subscription pack based upon your affordability. You can select either Weekly pack or Daily pack to use the service.
6. What are the Charges of Kleek?
Ans: Following are the charges
Pack Type
Pack Price (NGN)
Feature Bundle
Weekly Pack
User can dial 54881 and listen music as many times as they want
Daily Pack 
User can dial 54881 and listen music as many times as they want
7. What do you mean by Top Ten?
Ans: Top Ten songs are the most popular songs which are in high demand by the music lovers. This keeps changing as and when a new album or song arrives in the market.
8. Am I charged separately for the listening to the Top Ten?
Ans: No.
9. Can I skip a song or select a new song while listening?
Ans: Yes. You can press the following keys for the various functions while listening:
Previous menu – Press #
Set RBT – Press *
Next Song Press 8
10. Can I browse through and select a song of my choice of artist?
Ans: Yes. Kleek allows you to search and select the song artist wise. For example, if your choice of artist is Nonini, then from the Main menu, select artist wise and then select for Noni by pressing the correct number on your mobile phone.
11. Which are the artists available on Kleek?
Ans: On Kleek we have all the popular artists including the following:
Michael Jackson
UB 40
Yemi alade
Bennie man
Sani Danja
Cece winans
Nicki minaj
Justin bieber
Lady Gaga
Bob Marley
Katy Perry
& Many More
12. Can I select a song from a specific category of my choice?
Ans: Yes. Kleek gives you the option of selecting your songs from the list of popular categories.
13. What are the various categories that are available on Kleek?
Ans: The various main and sub categories that are available are as follows:
I. Top 10
II. Local Music
III. Fresh Music
IV. Gospel
V. International Music
a. RnB
b. Jazz
c. Hip Hop
d. Classics
e. Rock
f. Pop
g. Bollywood
h. Ragga
i. Gospel
j. Reggae
14. How do I unsubscribe?
Ans: Anytime while listening to the service, Press 9 and follow the IVR instructions.


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