MTN Disconnects Lines with Irregular SIM Registration Details


I noticed that MTN Nigeria are currently doing some sim registration survey and it seems many costumers were informed if there is any issue with users sim registration.

Well without any panic, I will personally advice you to register your mtn sim card if you are one of the users that were informed to register his/her sim card due to some registration error(s).

  Yes I know you might have registered your sim card before but currently, you are receive messages like;

Kwastoma, bayanan rijistar layinka basu yi daidai ba, kuma ba tasiri. Domin kada a yanke layinka, ka ziyarci kowane ofishin MTN cikin awa 48 domin sake rijista

Kwastoma, bayanan rijistar layinka ba daidai bane kuma basu da tasiri.Ziyarci daya daga ofishin MTN domin sake rijista. Mun gode.

Dear Customer, your SIM Registration records are irregular & invalid. To avoid disconnection, please go to any MTN centre within 48 hours to re-register. Thank

Dear Customer, your SIM Registration records are irregular & invalid. Please visit any MTN centre to re-register your line. Thank you

 Well having done that, it turns out that indeed MTN is currently disconnecting the lines of some customers because of invalid or incomplete details on their database. However before such lines are disconnected, concerned customers are given notice.   


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