Huawei launches new variant for the Nova device with 4GB of RAM


During the IFA event, we have been so used with the idea of seeing flagships unveiled on this day that when Huawei decided to stall the release of the Mate 9 for a while and instead introduced a mid-range line-up instead, we were a bit shocked but respected then for the kind of maturity with which they have approached the event.

It was this day that we first saw in the flesh what it was that was called the Huawei Nova, a device that has been directed at the women folk of the society. Launching with 3GB of RAM at the initial unveiling, there is now a variant that offers you an extra gig should you be in need of it.
The extra gig of RAM is not the only upgrade that this one has come with as the LTE capabilities were also upped to make it support LTE A, allowing you to reach a maximum download speed of 300Mbps on this one.
Coming in only colour variants of white and black, this would make it easy for you to know which is which as the earlier one is launched in grey, silver and gold options instead.
For now, we have no information on the pricing even after hearing that it has gone on sale in China.


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