LET AI glasses review – a revolutionary future smart glasses


Artificial intelligent is speedily creeping into the things we use in our everyday activities. Wearables are the closest to us cause and for that reason we may not be able to let go of the help each one renders.

An intriguing crowd-funded project, from LET LAB at indiegogo welds the amazing potentials of artificial intelligence to a simple glasses – LET glasses. LET glasses makes easy the use of the smart devices around you by voice commands, unlike most smart glasses, LET glasses also works with Alexa Echo, Google Home and SIRI to control you smart home. You can order a pizza or turn of the lights by sending voice commands to the glasses. It also gives easy GPS navigations and monitors activity, can be used control media functions, all in a simple looking glasses which is extremely affordable.

The bluetooth enabled glasses connects with your phone and with the built-in bone conduction audio that transmits sound using the bone in your head, this makes listening to music painless. LET A.I glasses gives room for changeable lens to blue-light filtering lens, polarized lens and photo-chromic transition.

LET glasses can get to understand you over time using the deep-learning system that can provide answers automatically to the queries.

LET glasses supports both Android and iOS, When fully charged, the 3.7v, 120mAh battery can stand-by for 10 hours. When used to power a 4.1 bluetooth device and 10 meters range Wi-Fi , LET glasses stays on for 5 hours. You’ll find no power-on or power-off button on the glasses cause it immediately turns on once you wear it and goes off once you remove it. LET glasses is fully charged on 30 minutes using a magnetic USB type A cable. The packaging is a VR box which houses the glasses, magnetic USB type-A cable, cleaning cloth, glasses casing and nose pads. You can choose which frame colors suits your style from – Modern, Vintage and Basic.




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