Best way to Jailbreak IOS 10.2 And Install Cydia


For this, you will need the latest version of iTunesYalu102 IPA File and the perfect version of Cydia Impactor.

1. First of all, take the backup of all your data on the device for the prevention of your data to be lost in any of the side effects resulting out of the method. Also turn off the Find My iPhone Feature on your device by going to the Settings -> iCloud -> Find My iPhone. Next, you have to disable the Passcode and TouchID through the settings by following the path Settings -> TouchID & Passcode -> Turn Passcode Off.

2. Connect your iPhone to the Computer via the USB data cable and then launch the Cydia Impactor. This will show your device name inside the Cydia if it is correctly connected unless you need to establish the connection again.

3. Now Drag and Drop the Yalu102 IPA file onto Cydia Impactor and skip to the next step.

4. Hereafter doing the above procedures, you shall be asked to enter your Apple ID credentials, only insert that onto, Impactor would then start signing that IPA file and will just load it up on your iPhone after some time.

5. After the completion of this step, you would be able to see the Yalu102 app on your iPhone home screen; we need to work through it further.
6. Go to the Settings -> General -> Device Management, tap on the Apple ID email and then tap on the Trust option or the button. Go to your iPhone home screen after that and launch that Yalu102 app which you installed previously, tap on the Go button inside that app.
7. After that, your iPhone would restart, and the Cydia would be placed on your home screen if it is not there then replay the above step again. After all that you have now molded those system software barriers on your device to give access to most of the functions and hence jailbreak your iPhone.
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