How to stop video from auto playing on Facebook



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Facebook videos are set on autoplay just like on YouTube. Though it is a good means of engaging users and increase the thrill. But at the same time, it is a serious way to consume data. Data usage is very important to everyone whether you are using a metered connection or not, someone minds the data consumption over a certain period. You may not want to watch a video so you skip it, but due to the auto play feature on Facebook you have no option.

So I’m going to show you the two ways on how to disable the video Auto play feature on Facebook.

Turn on Data Saver Mode:
Facebook added the data saver mode in it’s  application which reduces picture quality and stops video autoplay.

To turn Data Saver Mode on Facebook application, go to the menu option, scroll down to Data Saver, tap on it and turn on every feature there.


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Stop video autoplay on Facebook:
This is a direct method of stopping Facebook videos from auto playing.

The above method yields more compared to this method. This method basically stops the videos from auto playing, but images stay the same quality.

To stop video from auto playing on Facebook. Go to the menu, scroll down to app settings, scroll down to Autoplay and choose never autoplay video.


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