How To Upgrade TECNO Phantom 6 Plus To Nougat


This post is a tutorial on How To Upgrade Your Phantom 6 Plus To Nougat from Marshmallow

Do you want to learn How To Upgrade Your Phantom 6 Plus To Nougat? Users with Tecno Phantom 6 Plus smartphones will be able to enjoy the system upgrade from Marshmallow to Nougat as
the first upgrade users. There would be two options to upgrade your device with this upgrade:

Option 1: OTA Upgrade

Go to Settings,

Click on About

and Click on System Update

then, Click on it.
Your device would check for update and BOOM! You would be prompted to upgrade your device over the air-OTA.

Therefore, this is simply how To upgrade your TECNO Phantom 6 Plus to Android Nougat from Marshmallow using the OTA method.

Option 2: SD Card Upgrade

SD Card upgrade (the user can download the upgrade package to the T card, you can also transfer
the file from someone else’s mobile phone to the T card, you can also allow others to help copy
to the T card)

Here are the steps:

Copy the T card upgrade package ( to the root directory of the SD card;


(Note: Please drag directly to the SD Card, do not put any folder in the T card)

2. After the phone is turned on, go to the “Settings – About Phone – System Software Upgrade” menu

Nougat 3

3. Select the SD Card and click on Install


4. Click on the file after the following tips, click on the installation will be shut down, and automatically upgrade the installation. “During the upgrade, do not remove the battery and SD card or turn off the phone,” pay attention to upgrade the power requirements of more than 30%”

5. The upgrade process will last about 10 minutes, the progress bar will automatically restart after the completion of the phone. After the upgrade is complete, please check whether the version number has been upgraded to the latest version which is Android Nougat.

SO, here is How To Upgrade Your Phantom 6 Plus To Nougat version. Do comment your questions and feedback on this thread.


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