How to Root Tecno W5 [The Easy Method]


Rooting your Tecno W5 will be easier following our simple guide on how to Root Tecno W5.

The guide you might see below might be what you have been seeing before but maybe, you weren’t successful because you were missing something then, just relax and hear us out.


Tecno W5
Tecno W5
We are to use the android rooting app that you might have known before in this process!

The app is KingRoot.


Because it’s the best rooting app in the Android market and it has rooted many MediaTek phone just like yours and has rooted mine too.

Just follow the procedure below to Root Tecno W5.

  1. Download KingRoot.
  2. Install KingRoot.
  3. Launch KingRoot.
  4. Click on Root.
  5. Wait for KingRoot to Root your phone.
  6. Your phone is rooted.
  7. Done.

Do you know why the above procedure didn’t work for you? No.
Because of what I will list below.

  1. No stable Internet connection.
  2. Purify not installed.
  3. Dual network switching.

Do you see 3 things I listed above, they are the only thing that makes KingRoot not able to Root Tecno W5?


  • No stable Internet connection.

I have used KingRoot to Root all the phones I have used and were able to collect some analysis about how it works.
If you don’t have a stable Internet connection, KingRoot will be giving a failed message or that your phone is not listed in the number of Phones in the database, who told you? It’s just a network frustration.

To get things done, just make sure that you are using the most stable Internet connection in your area for best results when using KingRoot.
Your phone will be surely rooted.

  • Purify not installed.

Purify is an app developed by KingUser company it is a mobile ram boosting app.
When trying to Root your phone with KingRoot, they will try to download the app while rooting your phone though they will allow you to install it manually.
This might already the acceleration of the rooting.
For best results, I advise people to download and install Purify on their phones before rooting their phones with KingRoot.

  • Dual network switching

Most of our phones Internet connection is set to dual network switching.Your phone automatically changes from 2G to 3G or 4G.
Investigate deep and will discover that whenever there is switching, if you are downloading something, it becomes slower, if it switches back to 2G, it becomes worse or sluggish.
Same thing happens when rooting your phone with Purify, it alters the rooting of the phone and these might cause a fail message.

Solution. Set your Internet connection to be in one network setting.
Set it to a higher level which is 3G or 4G or LTE.


  1. Choose a stable Internet connection.
  2. Download and install Purify.
  3. Remove your Internet connection from the dual switch.

Give the above procedure a try and tell us if you are not able to Root Tecno W5 using our method.

If after everything and you weren’t successful, try and get a PC and Root your phone with PC rooting software.
Thank you.


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