Your Mobile Phone can Now be used as a Microscope – Nurugo Microscope


Everyday inventors are making our smart-phone a bigger god’s in our lives as they invent more crazy technological products that gets us glued to our smart-phone. These tech products has really been helpful and stress-free plus they offer a better user experience.

Nurugo Micro Smartphone Digital Microscope
Nurugo Micro Smartphone Digital Microscope

But up to a year ago no one has ever felt the need for small portable microscope for mobile devices or no one thought it was necessary.

Nuguro Microscope for Mobile Device

A microscope for mobile devices??? Who would want a microscope for his/her mobile?isn’t it too early?

No one is gonna buy that.

Although it may sound absurd to some people but the folks at thinks otherwise. They believe making the microscope go mobile will positively affect the lives some people who needs it. Although the microscope may not be a part of everybody’s life, but for the medical student and medical professional, it might have an impact.

The Nurugo microscope is a small portable device that enable microscopic viewing on mobile phones .

Nurugo micro comes with a clip which helps it fit in all smart-phones, it is connected to the back of the phone and directly above the back camera which helps capture rays  passing through the camera.


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