Microsoft reveals Windows phone is dead due to lack of developers


Not too hard to believe that Microsoft phones AKA windows phones are confirmed dead.

Microsoft Reveals Windows Phone Is Dead Due To Lack Of Developers
Microsoft Reveals Windows Phone Is Dead Due To Lack Of Developers

Why? and How?
Dead in the sense that no more further production or physical upgrade but instead regular minor bug fixes will be pushed to user over time.

The confirmation came from tweet made by Joe Belfiore and it says.

This literally means no more windows phones and the already existing ones will get the support they need. The Redmond company will like to focus more on the edge browser to bring it to the iOS and android. Chances are that most developers will making upgrades for the mobile phone applications social applications not withstanding.

Joe also explained that it was difficult for Microsoft to cope with the low users and developers not backing them up. Working with business partner were made difficult by the above reason.

Well, the only cause of developers not giving Microsoft all the support the require is that the OS is not Open sourced. This has led Windows phones to be dropped into the trash can. But i guess the company is not going to stop the production of the rumored surface phone. If surface phones are going to be made alive, then my best guess is that, it will run an Android OS.


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