Difference between a 32bit and 64bit Processor


You have probably seen the 32bit or 64bit options when you are installing windows or downloading an app, and if you were given an option to choose between a smart phone or a computer with a 32 or 64bit processor, you would definitely go for the 64bit smart-phone or computer right? — probably because you have an idea or were told that a 64bit processor is better.

32 Vs 64
32 Vs 64

But hold on!! Why do you think a 64bit processor is better? even if it is what’s the difference between them? or a better question is what’s a BIT? — Aright let’s start from the last question by finding out what a bit is.

What’s a BIT?

A BIT is the smallest unit of data in a computer. A bit has a single binary value, either 0 or 1. So 1 bit can express up to 2 values and 2bit=4 values and 3bit=8 values and so on. Mathematically nbit=2^n and so on.

When working with processor a BIT refers to the number of memory the processor can address at a time — for example a 1bit color display will only display Black and white because 1bit=2 values where one of the value is white and the other is black. A 2bit color display equals 4 different color because a 2bit=4 values.

So when you set 8,16 or 32bit color display for your graphics card, the processor will only address that 8,16 or 32bit to your graphics card displaying only the available numbers it can get from that BIT And this is why a higher bit color gives more image quality.

32bit and 64bit processor

From our previous knowledge of BIT, one can easily say that a 32bit=4billion values because 1bit=2^1 which equals 1 and 32bit=2^32 which equals about 4billion.

When converted a 32bit=4billion values which equals a maximum of 4GB/memory. With this, it is pretty clear that a 32bit processor can only handle/address 4GB of memory. This means that in a normal working condition of a 32bit processor, the numbers of ram the processor share to all the running applications will not exceed 4GB of ram if brought together and calculated.

This also means that a 32bit processor is limited to only 4GB of ram and if you slot in a ram value higher than 4GB, it will be completely useless because only 4GB will be usable.

On the other hand a 64bit processor can handle up to 16billionGB of ram because 2^64=a very large value which when converted equals 16billionGB of ram. On-like 32bit processor, a 64GB processor the total of shared ram can exceed 4GB.

Difference between a 32bit and 64bit processor

  • A 32bit processor can handle only 4GB of ram while a 64bit processor can handle more than that.
  • A 32bit processor can only run a 32bit operating system while a 64bit processor can run both 32 and 64bit operating system, but when a 64bit processor is running a 32bit operating system it will behave just like a 32bit PC.
  • A 32bit processor equals less ram which equals less multitasking while a 64bit processor equals more ram which equals more multitasking
  • In a 32bit operating system one particular application/program cannot take up to 2GB of ram while in a 64bit operating system, it can take more than.



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