Best Alternative to MTN Mobile Solar Electricity – No monthly Subscription Required!


Am sure you might be  familiar with the MTN owned Mobile Solar Electricity which some people call  pay as you go solar electricity while some just call it MTN Yello box solar energy which has been an alternative power supply for small business and personal use in Nigeria for sometimes now,  but MTN mobile solar electricity is like a hire purchase that you will be paying installment for 5 Years before it becomes yours and this might not be acceptable to many people that is why I decided to share this best alternative to the MTN Mobile Solar Electricity that doesn’t cost much to buy and as well don’t need any monthly subscription like MTN mobile solar system.

Solar System Nigeria
Solar System Nigeria

MTN Mobile Solar system is good but not the best if you can afford between N150,000  to N200,000 then you can have your own reliable solar system that you will not need to pay or subscribe to use because it doesn’t cost anything to use the sun and payment comes into play when you can’t afford the necessary equipment but if you can then I have a perfect alternative to the MTN mobile solar system.

Well if we can recall, normal MTN Mobile solar system monthly subscription is N4,500 and if you want to know how much you might be paying in 5 years of the contract then check 4,500 x 12 x 5 = N270,000 plus the initial deposit and installation fee it will be costing up to 300k and above within 5 Years.

Best Alternative to MTN Mobile Solar Electricity

Solar System1
Solar System
How it works?

Why spending upto N300,000 Naira and above while N145,000 can do the job perfectly fine, I was doing some research and I came across this wonderful solar system called Solar SHS SOLAR GENERATOR that is even more powerful and reliable than the MTN mobile solar system that will at the end cost lots more.

What you will get with your N145,000
  • Output power:220V-500W Instantaneous
  • Peak Power 1000w Modified sine wave
  • inverter
  • Solar panel:150W/18V mono
  • Controller:12V-20A
  • Battery:12V-65Ah Lead Acid Battery
  • Led bulb:12V-5W x 4pcs E27, 4m’s cable with Switch & Socket
  • 1 by 2 Extension Cable 5m
  • USB:10 in 1 mobile Charger
    Suitable for steady electricity for e-commerce, bloggers and online businesses.

If you Have up to ₦145,000 then grab this affordable solar system from Jumia Here

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