The iPhone 8: Price, Features, and expected date

Apple is set to release the iPhone 8 in a matter of weeks and already, rumors are flying as we countdown to the official release day. Apple CEO, Tim Cook is expected to unveil the device on September 12, 2017 along with a new Apple watch, the Apple TV (box), the Homepods and perhaps a surprise or two as they have done in previous launches.
 The iPhone 8
Recent leaks suggest the iPhone 8 will sport a number of features and while Apple stansare excited about this news, other OS users are underwhelmed. We have broken down all you need to know about the iPhone 8 in 8 items.
1. Price
The phone is said to be priced at $1000 for US customers and £800 for UK customers. Calculated in Naira, that would be almost N370, 000. If you came here only for the price, there. Lol. Otherwise, please read on.
2. Wireless Charging
Although this isn’t a new feature among other devices, it is new to apple smart phones. The iPhone 8 will have a wireless charging dock so users don’t need to carry their USB cords everywhere.
3. Upgraded storage and memory
The iPhone 8 is likely to have storage possibly starting at 64GB and 3GB of RAM. This is obviously something users will love because with this much internal storage, one can do a lot.
4. Facial recognition alternative to Touch ID
Another feature which is not new to the market, the facial recognition is expected to be part of the security options of the iPhone 8.
5. Enhanced Water Resistance and water proofing
The iPhone 8 is expected to be water proof and resistant. A feature which was introduced in the iPhone 7 making the use of the phone in the rain or with wet hands not much of a problem.
6. Dual-lens camera, possibly in a vertical configuration
The dual lens camera is a new feature on newly released smart phones and trust apple to (want to) install it in their latest product.

7. Color options
Leaks suggest that the iPhone 8 will be available in Black, Copper, Champagne gold and White colors.
8. Edge to edge display and glass design
Rumor has it that the iPhone 8 will come with edge to edge display such that the entire front of the device will be the screen. Also, the back of the device might be changed to glass replacing the aluminium cover in previous iPhones.
On d-day, Apple is also expected to launch the iPhone 7 s and 7plus as well as their technology around augmented reality. While some of the rumored features on the iPhone 8 are not new on other OS’s like Android, how Apple users adopt and use the new features will determine quite a lot.


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