NASA Engineer Invents the Most Polite Car Horn


Car horns are an important part of driving. Alerting others around you of situations that require their attention is often essential to not getting into a car accident.

But not all honks are meant to be aggressive. Imagine a world where you could politely honk your horn at someone if they need a casual reminder to start driving when the light turns green. Or if you need to give a pedestrian a little toot to shut the car door so you can fit into a parking spot.

Former NASA engineer and current funny YouTuber Mark Rober invented the most polite car horn ever.

“The standard horn is very one-dimensional and doesn’t give other drivers context as to why you’re honking at them,” Rober said in a YouTube video he made showcasing the custom horn.

His hope is that his invention will change the way people honk their horns, as well as the way people react to them by understanding the intention of the honk.

Rober created three different horn sounds. There’s the courtesy honk, which is a high-pitched beep to let someone know they’re swerving into your lane without being a jerk. It’s also a way to say thank you. Another honk sounds like a noise an alien would make (stereotypically speaking, of course). It’s meant to be used to get the attention of a pedestrian who isn’t in a car. And the third honk is a crazy loud train sound that should only be used in a dire emergency. Like, as Rober points out, “When two teenagers are taking their sweet time crossing the road in front of you while fidget spinning.”

Watch how he made the custom horns:

Honking your regular horn will never feel the same again.


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