LG G6 Full Specifications And Price In Nigeria


So, I am not sure that I remember the song too well, but I know that I remember these words, “looking fly like a G6.” Yes, there’s something so fly and on point about a G6 car, but not just that, a G6 phone too. We all know the LG company is good for making us televisions that actually make life good, lol, only a TV lover would understand that TV makes life good. Did you know though, that the LG company makes phones? If you knew that,did you know they made phones as fly as the LG G6? Well, if you said no to both questions, or you said yes to only the first, you are about to get schooled.

Not only does LG make phones, but this year, they released just like other major phone companies, their flagship phone for the year 2017 and they called it, the LG G6. Indeed, that phone does not fail to deliver on the flyness or on pointness we have come to associate with the G6 series.

Sit back, grab a drink and keep scrolling down because I got you covered, (as always), on the full specifications and price of the LG G6 in Nigeria. Enjoy!

Let’s start with a look at the physical aspect of the phone shall we?


the LG company decided to not go too fancy in their colours this time with the LG G6, so they stuck with the basic phone colours though with an added spice which makes these colours look sharp and not bland. Yup, expect a dazzling metallic look added to these basic colours. The colours of the LG G6 available are; Ashro black, Ice platinum and mystic white.


The LG G6 features a 5.7 inch 1440 × 2880 pixels screen. Pretty tight right? Yes, but you know you should expect so much more from a phone coming from a company that deals with screens or didn’t you? The LG G6 screen delivers on so many levels aside the number of inches it comes in. The LG G6 screen comes in a screen aspect ratio of 18:9, what this ratio does is provide a 2:1 ratio, giving you a taller panel in a smaller body. Its basically like you get more for less,or in this case, more in less. To break this down further, it means your display makes you access more, the screen takes more applications, your contacts, images and application icons appear larger. You can even see more Facebook feed on the screen without having to scroll too far down.

If you still thought that was all about the LG G6 screen, you are wrong again. Normally, phone screens use OLED but not the the LG G6, it uses a LED screen. Did you hear that? It uses a regular LED screen so say hello to clearer pictures and movies. You can actually have the same viewing experience you would have on a TV, Yayy LG G6.

USB port C;

So the LG G6 comes ready with a USB port C that enables super fast charge to the tune of giving a half full charge in just 30 minutes. Yes people, a thirty minute charge is enough to watch a movie on your phone. Did I hear an applause?

Audio 3.5 mm Jack;

LG is aware we have some earphone lovers so don’t worry, they got you covered with an audio jack.

Now that we are done with the parts we can see, let’s say hello to software.


The LG G6 comes with an inbuilt RAM of 4 GB
ROM/Memory: the phone comes with either a 32 GB or 64 GB memory with an external memory expandable up to 2 TB!!! Yes, you saw that right, 2 TB, my oh my, what to do with all that space?


Just like all the other flagship phones of 2017, the LG G6 comes with an android OS 7.0 nougat. That’s not all, the G6 also operates on its own LG UX 6.0 and the google assistant. I daresay you could turn this phone into a virtual secretary any day anytime.


The LG G6 works on a Quadcore, Snapdragon 821 processor with an Adreno 530 CPU. It operates an Octa core processor with 2.4 GHz quad core & 1.8 GHz quad cote, (Hisilicon Kirin 960). Yes oh yes, this phone won’t be complaining of too many open tabs. It is after all built to cope with demand, with all those powerful processors.


Asides a super fast  Qualcomm quick charge 3.0, the LG G6 comes with a non removable 3300 mAh battery. Did I mentione that the LG G6 supports wireless charging? Oops my bad, yes it does. So you don’t have to be restricted to a wall socket, you can actually use your phone in any space you want while charging it. I think some 24/7 phone users just breathed easy, lol.


Yes we have all been waiting for this one, after all we want to know, can my phone take a good selfie? Well, this one can.

Back Camera;

The LG G6 back camera is a 13 m, dual tone LED flash (even pictures taken in night mode, are bound to be bright). The camera comes with a 125 degrees lens, wow! That’s a huge lens, I mean that can capture lik a hundred plus people clearly in one picture. Of course, it doesn’t fail to deliver with other specs like;  auto focus, laser auto focus (takes that focusing to another level), LED flash, HDR, face detection, optical image stabilizer ( which is like having two sets of cameras). I mean what? Let the picture taking begin.

Front Camera;

The LG G6 front camera features an 8 mp camera, small? Not really, because the front camera has a 100 degrees lens and that can capture a whole lot, infact, think of taking a picture in front of a house and it can capture the entire building. Plus,with all those earlier mentioned features available on the front camera too, I think your front camera game is going to be very much on point.


The LG G6 supports WiFi, Bluetooth, Hotspot, GPS, NFC and USB type C.


The LG G6 supports 4G LTE, EDGE, HSPA and WCMA.


The LG G6 takes security and protection to a whole other level with a rear finger print scanner, IP68 water proof (yes your phone can work under water) and its also dust resistant. Did I mention the Gorilla Glass 3 which is a mix of glass and metal, so that it protects and beautifies?


I don’t think any 2017 phone would be complete without sensors and the LG G6 comes fully armed with a number of them like; gesture control, motion sensing, barometer, light sensor, digital compass and voice control.

All this plus the corners and edges of the LG G6 curved aesthetically, I think the LG G6 is beautiful and armed to the teeth with features and specifications that make you go what???

When the LG G6 comes into the Nigerian market, it is expected to sell between #250,000 and #350, 000 naira.

Big ups to the LG company for making a phone as fly as the LG G6


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