How To Create Android Apps Without Coding


Learn how to create android apps with this easy methods and note that you don’t really need coding to build any app of your choice, below are some sites where you can learn to build apps without coding, Read the article below to know more about this.

Android is regarded as one of the most widely used mobile platform worldwide, and we all know it’s also and open source operating system and this gives poeple ideas to explore or recreate what has been done in it. So today I’ll be revealing how you can create andrpid apps without the knowledge of coding.


This ain’t a trick nor a tutorial but just wanna make you grab an insight of how this works, you’ll learn to build apps from the app building websites which I listed below and note that this is absolutely free and no penny will be spent. So let’s begin


1. AppsGeyser

AppsGeyser is considered to be one of the best free service that’s changes in your contents into an app and fetch you money, that’s only if you monetize with it.

2. Appypie

Appy pie is one of the speedy developing cloud based mobile app building platform which grants users with no skills of programming a chance to build iOS and android applications for mobiles and smartphones and automatically publish them into the iOS store and google playstore, with appypie you won’t be stressed because everything you need are perfectly installed for you.

3. BuzzTouch

BuzzTouch is also known for it ability to run thousands of apps and this includes the famously known apks and iOS, there’s a partnership between Buzztouch, iOS and android developer kits..

4. Appyet

With appyet, you can create an amazing professional app for your blogs or any sort of online publishing you’re up to, no programming needed for this but you’ll need  to provide an Rss or Atom feed or a website to make this work.

5. AppClay

Appclay was created by core development experts at ShepHertz Technologies, and it turns everyone of us into an app developer without ginger through stress from coding, software installation, maintenance and financial investment.

6. Andromo

Andromo really creates genuine Java code for each application you make, accumulating it on our cloud servers utilizing Google’s authentic Android SDK. You get a remain solitary, local Android application – without any bargains.

7. AppMachine

Begin making your organization or individual application immediately. It’s simple, fun and allowed to construct your application. You simply need to manufacture the application and App Machine will distribute it in Apple and Android store. AppMachine makes the making of amazing applications simple and reasonable.

8. GoodBarber

You can make amazing looking Android application with the assistance of Good Barber. No need to bother your self with any sort of information relating  to programming and so forth. Essentially plan your application, include your substance, see the outcomes and distribute it in Google Play store.

9. Mobile Roadie

With Mobile Roadie you can make an application in the blink of an eye and start to draw every one of the advantages of giving your customers, adherents, and fans with connecting with Android applications. This application bolsters a wide range of media records, with programmed bringing in of RSS and an auto-invigorating fan divider through which clients can without much of a stretch talk with each other, all things considered.

10. TheAppBuilder

This is another fantastic place to build your apps without having to go through coding stress, it’s absolutely free and 100% convenient.

AppsGeyser and other app building website listed above are the perfect place to establish your business, blogging or whatever publishing stuffs you’re into, they give convenient methods unlike coding. I hope you’re able to grab an insight of this article. Don’t forget to share with friends and family, who knows.. it might come in handy.


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