The New Linda Ikeji’s Blog Motif, All you need to Know!


Aunty Linda has finally decided to give the blog a makeover, ditching Blogger, Google’s blog-publishing service, altogether and moving to another web domain service, which apparently allows for design flexibility.


The new site doesn’t look very different from what users are used to; its signature red colour, and some other things, stays the same. However, users now have more gossips to read as there are about 300 news items on the main page; the scrolling game just gets longer.

Links to Linda’s other sites are on top of the page, ‘Older Posts’ are perched on the right hand side of the site and when you open a post, you will find ‘Most Read’ news item beneath. Also, the comment section stays.

One striking thing about the new site is the ads. Unlike the old site where ads are scattered everywhere, almost like users visit to be served ads, ads on the new site appear in certain areas. They’re not annoying.

The new site isn’t live yet but Aunty Linda is giving her users a chance to check it out and tell her what they feel about it. If you’re an ardent reader of the gossip blog, go check it out and do the needful; provide feedback.

So after over 10 years of using blogger, I’ve finally decided to move to my own website. But I wanted to show you guys what the new site looks like so you guys tell me whether you like it or not. I also want you all to go there for sometime before I finally switch so you guys will get used to it instead of just changing what y’all are used overnight. This blog is for you so your opinions matter…:-),” Linda stated.


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