Samsung starts rolling out Nougat update to their Galaxy Note 5 units in Turkey


The Galaxy Note 5 is currently just a generation behind in the Note series, meaning that it should still be on the list of devices that Samsung are obligated to support for a few more years. Remember that we skipped a Note 6 and just went straight to the Note 7, so that gets cleared up. In today’s news, some users of the Note 5 in Turkey have started to wake up to some good news as Samsung starts pushing out the official Nougat update to these handsets.

This is after they started to rollout the same kind of update to the Galaxy S6 family of devices earlier this month.
The update weighs at a massive 1.3GB and brings the users of this Note smartphone up to speed on what’s happening in the world of Android these days. After getting it, the firmware version of the Galaxy Note 5 unit would be changed from whatever it has there now to N920XXU3CQC7.

Like we have been seeing on the Nougat updates that Samsung has rolled out before this one, we expect to see some interesting design, beautiful UI and addition of some cool features to the unit.


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