Huawei P10 confirmed for sale by Vodafone in Europe, availability leaked

There are a lot of carriers to look at in the UK when you are planning to choose a network provider, and of the bunch, only Vodafone has decided to come forward with its plans on the Huawei P10 series which was just recently launched at MWC back in February. According to the carrier, you can only get the units in colour options of black and silver for now even though the unit was announced in a number of colour options.
If you would like to get a unit of the Huawei P10, and you would not mind getting it from Vodafone, be prepared to shell out EUR 10 for the unit up front should you go for is the instalment plan, valued at EUR 42 monthly for a period of two years. This offer also comes with it free 24GB of data which can be used in the UK and 2GB of data for roaming needs. There would also be unlimited minutes and texts given to you whether you are in the county or roaming.

We haven’t seen a straight deal from the network provider yet, so we don’t know how much they hope to sell the unit for off contract. Likewise, they made no mention of freebies to come with the preorder package. For now, though, we know that shipping would start on the 31st of March, so you might want to join the preorder queue now.


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