Google Play services turns 5 on March 27 2017!


It’s not every day that we come here to celebrate birthdays but today, we are going to make an exception for one that has been able to touch all of our lives across all languages, platforms and Android units. Today marks the fifth year since Google launched the Play Store, an online store for apps, games and every other thing that we might need to use to get the best experience out of our Android units. In the end, this platform grew to have so much participation that it got a whopping 1 billion active users in not less than 190 countries.

Currently housed in the Play Store is a number of 40 million songs, about 5 million books and a countless number of apps and games to match. Today, Google has made the Google Play platform available across all phones, tablets, and a select few Chromebook units that are all running with one version of Android or the other on them.


To mark the day further, Google released the top five applications and games downloaded on the platform. For apps, we have Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Pandora Radio, Instagram and Snapchat. Safe to say Facebook hogged all the fun here. Going over to games, the obvious choices are Candy Crush Saga, Subway Surf, Temple Run 2, Despicable Me and Clash of Clans.



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