New Nokia 3310 phone leak description and expected features


According to report. HMD Global has the plan to return the smartphone giant to the European markets, there have been plans to ensure that there’s a remake of this 3310-cult hero. From what we have hears in the past, the remake would also be an entry-level unit and it is expected to cost at most, €59, for now.

Now, more than just the price has been known, and we can tell you that we know little about what the phone would look like.
According to a new report that is making the rounds, the new Nokia 3310 unit would feature the same design as the old one, but the display would be broader to allow for the accommodation of even more colours. In the same vein, the new 3310 would be slimmer and lighter than the predecessor was.

While there is no word on the removability of the battery, the phone is expected to be released in colour options of red, green and yellow!

Stay updated for more information.


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