How to Take screenshot with China Smart phones


Short Vibe: Taking screenshot with most china phones can be challenging but yet with this method it seems to be simple, we will be using a fake Samsung galaxy s6 as an example, well if you have such phone or other mediatek phones then you can take a screenshot with your phone without any application installed.

How To:
To take a screenshot on you mediatek simply hold your POWER BUTTON + DOWN VOLUME KEY for 2 seconds those button can be located at either side of your smartphone, if it doesn’t work for you then try holding HOME BUTTON + POWER at the same time.

In case it fails to work for you, then I think it is as a result of not having such feature built in your device. But it does not stop there since you can download screenshot app from google play store for free, and read the application instructions to know how to take screenshot easily with the downloaded app.


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