The Samsung Galaxy A8 (2016) now available outside of South Korea!

Samsung launched the Galaxy A8 (2016) unit back in the October of last year and then, they made it exclusively available to the users in their home country of South Korea. However, they have started to expand the reach of this unit and you can now get it outside of this home zone.

To be specific, The Gulf and Taiwanese markets now have the units in stock, and we hope that Samsung continues to expand it till it reaches other regions. As for the price tag, the United Arab Emirates region have the unit listed for $490, which means that the Taiwanese pricing should be the equivalent of this also.

In the same month of October when the unit was first announced and launched, it showed up on Zauba – India’s export and import tracking website – and this indicated that they would launch it in that market also. However, we have not heard any new information on it since then, and we still await that launch too.


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