MTN MYTUNEZ- All You Need To Know


Q. MTN MyTunez-What is it?

A. A unique extension of the MTN Callertunez service, MTN MyTunez is a service that permits a subscribers name to exist as a callertune. By texting his/her name to 441, a customer can receive a call that correlates to his/her name in various music genres.

Q. MyTunez service is available in how many different categories?

A. The MyTunez service is primarily comprised of 6 categories. These being; Juju, Traditional, Free Style, Professional, Inspirational and Hip-Hop.

Q. What method do I use to subscribe to the MyTunez service? 
A. MyTunez service subscription is achieved by simply texting your name to 441. This will allow you to get the correlating call with the MyTunez available on the platform. The pre-listening provided here will allow you determine whether you like the tune before you go ahead to download. 
Q. What is the cost of MTN MyTunez and Tune Download? 
A. The same as for regular Callertunez- N20/week and N50/month.
Subscription/Tune download plan
Weekly tune download
Monthly tune download

Q. On sending the download request via SMS what happens next?

A. On sending your Name to the 441 short code;

Ø  a voice call will be made to you from 441 to enable you pre-listen to the MyTunez. You will not be charged for this call.

Ø  While the tune plays to your hearing, and following the voice call to action, you can go ahead if you wish to download the MyTune directly.

MyTune presentation to family, friends and loved ones is also possible. This is equally done on the voice call to action.

Here, the same thing applies;

Ø  the voice call will request that you insert the phone number you desire to present the tune to.

Ø  On doing this, a message notifying you of successful or failed MyTunez presentation will be sent you.

Ø  A charge for the tune presentation will then be made on your line.

Should it happen that the phone number you present the tune to is not subscribed to the Callertunez service, then the charge applicable to first time subscription to the Callertunez service will equally be made on your line.

Such charges cannot be refunded.

Q. Will I be required to pay a separate service fee after I have downloaded the MyTune?
A. If you have not subscribed to the MTN Callertunez service before, on sending a name to 441, the standard operating registration charge for first time Callertunez users will be effected on your line. This will either N50 or N20 and will come prior to the MyTunez activation.

On successfully subscribing to the Callertunez service, all Callertunez access channels will be available for you for the purpose of acquiring a MyTunez.

Q. On what channels can I access the MyTunez?

A. The following channels are available to be accessed for the MyTunez service;

Ø  Key Copy- activating the callertune on a called line by pressing a key while the callertune is still playing

Ø  USSD (dialling *123*5*6# or *410*6#)

Ø  SMS- text messaging the code for the tune to 441

Ø  WAP Portal found at

Ø  WEB Portal found at

Ø  Callertunez APP

Ø  FaceBook APP

Ø  Music Plus APP



Q. On MyTunez expiration, what happens then?
A. Prior to the expiration of your MyTune validity, a notification message will be sent to subscribers from “Callertunez”. Namely;

Your Callertune <tune name> by <artist name> will expire by mm-dd-yy. Your Tune will automatically be renewed for N(PRICE) . To delete this tune, send del(tunecode) to 4100.

Q. Upon subscription for MyTunez, will I be notified?
A. Yes, subscribers will be notified upon successful MyTune download.

Q. If the platform does not have my name available, what then?
A. An SMS notification will be sent to the subscriber where the MyTune is not available informing him/her that of such availability within 72 hours.

Q. Upon tune download, do they become mine forever?
A. No. Validity period attaches to each tune. This is either 7 days for the weekly subscription and 30 days for the monthly subscription.

Q. If I have insufficient airtime, will I still be able to download MyTunez?
A. The system will enable you download the tune via Easy Download, in cases where you do not have enough airtime on your account. However the following day will see the system attempt a charge on your account for the free download earlier made. Where the amount on your line is still not enough, then the tune will be deleted from your library.

Q. Where a subscriber fails to pay the subscription fee, what happens to the tune in his personal library?
A. Such subscriber will be opted out from the service. However the tunez will be kept till the expiration due date of the Callertunez.

Q. For every change of Tune in the personal library of a subscriber, will s/he have to pay?
A. Yes, a download fee is applicable to every new tune downloaded and at the end of the validity period, each tune will be auto-renewed.

Q. Does my personal library have a maximum number of tunes that I can download to it? If so what is that number?
A. 20 Tunez maximum.

Q. If I gift a MyTunez to someone, how can I be sure that the person received it?
A. An SMS notification for Callertunez gift success or failure will be sent you.

However, it should be noted that the person you intend to gift the MyTunez to may either accept or reject it. Whatever the case, you will still be charged even where the tune is rejected.

Q. For the MyTunez service, how can I get tips on how to use it?
A. By simply texting HELP to 4100.

Q. If I want to opt out/unsubscribe from the service, how exactly will I do this?
A. The following channels are available for unsubscribing from the service;

Ø  Dialling *123*5#

Ø  Texting CANCEL or NO to 4100

Ø  Dialling *410#

Q. How do I delete a tunez from the service?

ž   SMS del<tune code> to 4100

ž   Dial *123*5# select the tune you want to delete from list and then option to delete.

ž   Dial *410*2#; select the tune you want to delete from list and then option to delete.

Q. On Tune deletion, am I also unsubscribed from the Callertunez platform?
A. No, you will still remain subscribed to the Callertunez service/platform, until you opt out of the service.

Q. Checking of the tunes in my library can be achieved by what means?
A. By simply texting “LIB” to 4100


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