Sony releases new software update to the Xperia X with VoLTE support


Sony has dedicated these past few couple of days to releasing a series of updates to users and now again, they are rolling out a new one which is basically a Concept for Android firmware that has been based on the latest Android operating system – the Nougat 7.0. This latest update has been scheduled to hit the Xperia X units worldwide and if you are getting it, you would see it come with a build number of 38.1.A.0.367. Asides that tis update would bring the android concept to the device, it also packs with it support for VoLTE.

Currently, the only carriers that are supported on this technology are the German carriers Telekom, Vodafone and Telefonica/O2 but as time goes on, we expect this list to be improved upon. If you are expecting yours too, the update timeline has suggested that the next set of people to get it are the users in the UK and Spain which should also mean VoLTE support for similar devices in these regions.
Asides the support for VoLTE, the November security patch has also been nestled somewhere in there as well as fixes for certain bugs such as camera crashes and other routine maintenance changes.


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