Samsung to patronise LG for battery units on their next Note device


There is no one that would claim to be in the dark over the things that happened with the Galaxy Note 7 and that has made Samsung rethink their options when it comes to the battery unit that they would use for their subsequent phones. Having blamed the issue of explosions that rocked this Note flagship on the faulty battery units that was in them, they have now made the move to go to LG for the battery that would power their next Note device.

While the company would have learnt from its mistake and would be able to easily make new batteries for the next in the Note series themselves, it is better as they have gone to their country rivals because less people would have trust in the battery they make for their own phablets, at least for a while.

From the report that lets this out, it is said that both companies are still in talks and nothing has been finalised yet but on agreeing to a deal, we could stat to see LG batteries on Samsung devices from as fast as the Galaxy Note 8, or whatever they decide to call it as at the time of launch.
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