Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 official price cut in the US, sells for $35 lesser

As we all know, retailers always give discounts on products during this season of the year (holiday period discount). And the good news is that Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 manufacturers offer its users the desire to have a taste of the awesome device!

If you would like to purchase some cool units of devices for your friends and relatives this nice season but are concerned about the price that these devices bear, it could do you a lot of good to look in the direction of the 9.7-inch variant of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A which has just received another price cut in the United States.

Sold for an initial price of $300 after it had already undergone one price cut in the past, Amazon would now allow you own a unit of this device for a further $35 down from that price. For the purpose of this post, we have seen only the 16GB model that is listed in white colour available for this kind of deal and if the offer would be extended to other storage space variant or colour options in the future is yet unclear.

To know what you would be getting at this price, note that the device carries a quad core processor that can reach up to a maximum clock speed of 1.2GHz. For the RAM, the CPU memory is set at 1.5GB while there is an internal storage space of 16GB pre-set, combining a 5MP rear camera to a 2MP front unit to pull power from the 6000mAh battery.


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