Samsung launches its first pink Smartphone (Galaxy S7)


Having already heard that the most popular OEM in South Korea and many parts of the world would be launching a device in pink, it came into fruition when they released a pink device into the market really but instead of a new smartphone, we just got a new colour variant on their current flagship model – the Galaxy S7 🙌.

This model has already gone on for sale in the home region of the company and when we looked at what they are offering closely, we found out that they didn’t extend this courtesy to their Galaxy S7 Edge model. Well, we don’t think the curved screen variant should get mad at this because we did see it launch in Coral Blue a few days ago while the flat screen brother got nothing of the same colour option to deal with.
If you are still very much intereste and you would like to snag a unit in the country, know that inly the 32GB variant is available in this colour option also.


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