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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 going for as low as $250 (check out)

There are times when you would just be in the mood to get yourself a good tablet that would handle your multimedia needs better than even your smartphone could try to but then, your budget would always sit in a corner and tell you otherwise. Well, there seems to be a silver lining to the cloud right now as there is a deal going on one of Samsung’s nicest tablets which has 8 inches of screen real estate for you to navigate and that is none other than the Samsung Galaxy tab S2.

From a lot of retailers, you can actually get yourself a unit of this device for as less as $250 and this brings it down from a listing price of $399 which some retailers even used to take down to $349. It goes without saying that this is a quality deal because in some quarters, it is just a difference of $100 and for the others, it goes as high as a $150 discount, minus one cent.
The major selling point of this tablet has to be its screen which has an unusually high resolution of 2048 x 1536 for a tablet and the AMOLED technology that was used to finish up things. Under the hood is an octa core CPU that uses 3GB of RAM and in terms of camera, you have 8MP on the back while the front is set at just 2.1 MP. Everything combines to pull power from the massive 4000mAh battery.

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