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**Q. Hyconnect Broadband internet service. What is it?*
Using the Assymetric Digital Sibscriber Line, it is a high capacity bi-directional connection to the internet. Blazing at speeds a whole lot faster than the regular dial up connection, it is both a secure and scalable broadband solution which comes with the added advantage of enabling simultaneous use by the subscriber of both its phone and internet facility.

Q. Are access fees charge on it?
An access charge of N1,050 inclusive of VAT (price may have changed. kindly consult customer care) must be paid on it by users in addition to the monthly usage charge. This applies to both postpaid and prepaid customers.

What does the billing cycle look like?
The billing cycle commences from the 1st day of the month to the last. This last day will correspond to the applicable payment plan either bi-annually, quarterly, monthly or annually subscribed for.

Q. Supposing I decide not to use the service for some time, what happens then?
Service suspension is possible for this line of customers. However such customers must call the HyConnect helpdesk to make such request.

Q. How many grace days do I have to pay once the billing cycle has expired?
The postpaid option for this services entitles you to a grace period of 21 days, following which suspension will occur on the service if payment is then not made.

Q. target customers of HyConnect are who exactly?
There is no specific stratification for targeted Hyconnect customers. All persons are welcome.

Q. Installing the service in my premises or for my business will take how many days?
5-7 day’s minimum from the time the customer’s request is received.

Q. Will I be required to execute any configuration?
No, the technical engineers are on ground to perform all installations.

Q. How do I go about paying my bills?
Several methods for payment abound. The IVR option, paying at an MTN Walk in Centre or at any of the MTN stipulated banks for the purpose.

Q. Once payment is made, how long will it be before my HyConnect account I credited with the requisite package?
If the payment is made by cheque, then it may take upwards of 2-3 days owing to the turnaround time for bank confirmation on cheques. Howevr cash payment elicits an immediate crediting of your HyConnect account with requisite package.

Q. Is the internet and Landline charged as a bundle?
In addition to the access fee, charges for the landline is per usage. As for the internet in addition to a fixed monthly fee, bandwidth usage determines the charge.

Q. Supposing I have an issue with my account Reconciliation, who can I get across to, to help me resolve this?
The Hyconnect helpdesk via e-mail or phone is always at your disposal to cater to any issues you may have. Kindly get across to them.

Q. The IVR option is supposed to be able to recharge/check my account using the IVR option. How exactly do I do this?
Dial 0803 10 181 or 181.
Ø Press 2 to get Account & Recharge Information
Ø Press 1 for Account balance
Your account balance will then be made known to you…

With this relative Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs) am sure you understand more about this service!

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