Among the exciting raft of new and upgraded services/products launched by MTN yesterday the 20th of October (2016) was the Xtravalue Maxi Bundle.

For those of you who are conversant with the Xtravalue Bundles or to call it by its official name; Bundle4U offerings-the bouquet of bundles comprising voice and data, you will know that there exists basically two types; the XtraVoice which gives you more credit than data and the XtradData which gives you more data than voice.


There are ten (10) types of MTN Bundle4U, 5 (five) XtraVoice and 5 (five) XtraData. With the V5000 and D5000 being the biggest for their respective Voice and data categories.

That said you might often have wondered why there is no bigger version of either of these two bundles, meaning that for someone who wants to subscribe for an amount greater than the V5000 or D5000 currently available, they will have to do so several times. This can be somewhat of an inconvenience. As such in order to allay that inconvenience, MTN has come up with yet another offer. Yes you guessed it, The Xtravalue Maxi bundle.

So what does it comprise of? Well like its sibling forerunners, the offer gives customers airtime for National calls, International calls to some selected countries, National SMS and a specified data amount for browsing. This new category however has, unlike the previous one, six (6) rather than 10, XtraValue Maxi Bundles.

These being 3 (three) XtraVoice and 3 (three) XtraData. The Xtravoice types cost N10000, N15000 and N20000 respectively giving a combination of N30000 worth of airtime and 3 GB data (at N10000 cost), N50000 worth of airtime and 4GB (at N15000 cost) and lastly N70,000 worth of airtime and 5GB (at N20000 cost).

With this new offer,  MTN has once again upped the ante for all GSM companies in the bouquet voice and data category. Click here for more information.


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