MTN XtraData of 20Gb With N20 Only not working (See Solution Here)


Good Day fan, Yesterday I posted about latest MTN XtraData 70,000 airtime and 5GB data for N20 and it worked perfectly as at yesterday. But we encounter errors recently and most of our fans here ( have dropped comments that are not really cool so for this, we went for a long mile contacting other friends and colleagues for a quick solution on How To Make Use Of MTN N70,000 Airtime & 5GB Data  .

Did Omon Danny get any solution from friends to make this work?
Oh Yes I did!

But not confirmed yet, but I believe my readers and fans are in the best position to give us the best answer. 

Well the answer I got from my colleagues was that this plan  is usable by MTN iPulse users…
  • Now, are you on MTN iPulse Tariff plan and you are still facing similar problem?
  • Are you on MTN iPulse and yours is working perfectly?
Please Drop your comments if you got answers to the above questions. Let Help each other to enjoy the offer and not to waste.
Well if you are not on MTN iPulse yet,
  •  you can Migrate by dialing  *406# and then reply with 1 or simply text 406 to 131.
  • Then wait for 24 hours.
Well in any way it goes, please don’t criticize… We are always trying to help out and we are still here to provide freebies and bonus in any way we can.




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