How to Tag a user using WhatsApp new Group Feature!

Hope you have heard about the trending new feature by WhatsApp?

Yeah right! Well earlier this year, we had a post to inform our users/fans about some features that are available on Facebook and possibly might also be present on Whatsapp since it is owned by Facebook founder and Ceo (Mark Zuckerberg).

Well am going to show more review about this trending feature… and expect more Facebook features to be available on whatsapp soon

NOTE: This new feature is available on latest WhatsApp app for all devices so if you haven’t updated your whatsapp to the latest version, I will advise you to do so to enjoy this features.
Android user? CLICK HERE to update your device whatsapp.
iOS user? CLICK HERE to update.

To tag simply enter a group chat and type @ symbol.
Then choose participants from the contacts that will pop out or you can tag multiple contacts in a single message.

It also works with both Saved contacts And Unsaved Contacts, but Make sure you all are part of the same group chat.

If you use smiley with the message it won’t work so while sending such messages that include name, avoid smileys/emotions!



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