All about ’Google Free Internet For Everyone’ WhatsApp Scam Message

There are several rumour, hoax and scam messages that are being spread on WhatsApp. Since it is the best way to spread this type of rumours, scamsters are preying on ignorant WhatsApp users to spread their rumours and scams in order to make money. While the recent one on WhatsApp Gold Edition was on a high, a new one has just surfaced which is promising people that they will get 18GB of free 4G internet data from their service providers. And the best part is that the message states that it is coming from Google who is presently running a project claiming that it is ‘free internet for everyone’.

The message ‘Free Internet For Everyone (IFE) Project’ is claiming to be run by Google. The message is spreading across WhatsApp groups, targeting ignorant users and luring them with free 18GB of 4G data to download some apps and click on various advertisements. The message is a complete hoax and part of a scam. Please do not click on the links in these types of messages or download any apps that they tell you to do. Also do not spread the hoax message forward.

The message reads free internet data for everyone and claiming to be run by Google. The message reads that Google is giving away free 18GB of recharge and all you need is to support the project by downloading the app from Google Play. The link to the app is also provided, which reads ‘’. If you look carefully, the url given spells ‘’, but here the scamster is playing with fonts. The ‘l’ in ‘google’ is actually an ‘i’ and it will take you to the url ‘’. The link looks authentic to an ignorant user. Also do note that the actual url for Google’s Play Store reads ‘’ and not ‘’.

If you click on the link (which we don’t advise), it takes you to a website which reads the same information about the free data and free internet project. The website also prompts you to download an app from there. The app is probably a tweaked or altered version of ‘FreeCharge’, which is cleverly renamed to ‘Internet_Project_App.apk’, which could probably be an adware or malware. Proceeding further will congratulate you that your mobile number is selected for the free 18GB data and it is valid for one year. Next you will be asked to enter your mobile number to complete the offer, which takes you to another page stating that you have to share the app or message to 10 more people on WhatsApp—thus spreading the scam further to another 10 people. The message also claims that you have to install two more apps after that and then you will get the free recharge on your data plan. The other apps are malware and adware, which can put your privacy at stake.

We again urge you not to click on these types of messages which will help the scamster spread the scam ahead and make some quick money.

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