Samsung Galaxy Note 7 iris scanner Reviewed


As the world of smartphones are constantly evolving, so is the need for improved security on these devices to make sure that the data of the users is properly kept safe and away from unauthorised user. On this point, we have seen various innovations over the years such as the PIN, password, fingerprint scanner of recent and now, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has taken the security game to another level with its iris scanner technology.
For those new to this concept, I know you would be tempted to ask the question of “how does this work?” well, it simply makes use of an infrared technology that runs a scan of the iris of your eyes to unlock the device and since the iris of an human being is a unique characteristic, this makes the system foolproof to a very large extent.
To set up the iris scanner, Samsung has already put out a disclaimer of things to watch out for. Make sure you are neither on glasses or contact lenses to prevent errors in properly reading your iris
Even though many predicted against it, the iris scanner works better than expected and you shouldn’t run into snags with it. However, you would still have to slide up before use, a precaution put in place to avoid infrared rays just firing all over the place.



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