LG to extend Nougat beta test to G5 before official software release

 An initiative from Sony to give some of their users the Nougat experience before it was finally launched and I think this is a most laudable thing to do. Even though the beta upgrade would just be available to users in some select regions and with specific devices (such as the Xperia X Performance), it is still a great place to start from even if there would still be an extension to others.
For now, though, LG has launched something of the same programme and if you happen to use a unit of the LG G5, you are right on track to be among the first set of people to run this OS even before its official release. There is a limited space available for 2000 testers and to be able to get in, you would have to be running on the LG U+ network. As we all know, this network dampens the extent of any beta test.
In any case though, LG is subscribing to the school of thought that this beta testing programme would help them get valuable user feedback and speed up the process of getting their flagship running on this new platform.


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