Why You no longer Receive Data Bonus when Recharge on MTN


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I have been on a research about some facts and vital information to solve the issue of not receiving free MB any time I recharge my MTN sim because I was always given free data bonus on every of my recharge either once or more in a week but suddenly it stopped… #gosh

Well I thought it was all my fault that got me such, but due to massive complains from my friends and readers both offline and online, I feel guilty for a good solution or properly a stop so here I have some write up about all you needs to know!

  Do you really know as an MTN customer on the XtraSpecial, XtraPro, BetaTalk, Trutalk, etc tariff plans, you may have recently noticed that you no longer get your regular bonus data on recharge. Well the reason for that is that it has been discontinued. This applies in equal measure to the weekend data bonus on recharge for the other tariff plans. 

However iPulse customers, StartPack, Supersaver+ and SmoothTalk Plus customers will still continue to receive the data bonus on recharge applicable to them. 

However, you should also know that some MTN Tariff plans are still eligible for this data bonus offer e.g old tariff and StartPack plans.

Please check the screenshot below for summary and easy understanding;
Seriously don’t ask me what is 10MB that makes me to sweat and search for such a solution, well hope you haven’t forgotten that N100 was for 10mb before the new system of Cheap data bundle plan so it not a bad thing or big deal if you still wish in getting the free 10mb or more as usual.. lolzzz


Well the only solution as at now based on TechsVibe.com research is migration from your current Tariff plan to a new Tariff plan whereby you can get this offer e.g MTN SmoothTalk plus, SuperSaver plus, iPulse StartPack.
Above are the available tariff plans that can still enjoy this offer for now!

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