MTN Free HVC SIM Swap Initiative (Top 20%)


Once again MTN has hit on a new move aimed at helping it retain its High Value Customers (HVC). What is this new move? Well going forward MTN High Value Customers (HVC) –that is MTN customers in the Top 20 percentile, are now eligible for Free SIM swaps should their SIMs be misplaced or damaged.

The Free SIM Swap will be available via all physical channels: MTN owned Service Centres, Connects, Guru2U Service and Account Managers.

 How do you know if you qualify for this free sim swap. Its simple. You can find that out at any MTN Walk in Centre. In fact, if you want to perform a sim swap and you qualify, customer service personnel at the centre will immediately let you know. Yet another notch to MTNs cap wouldn’t you say?

Source: MTN4U


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