Leaked photo, Specifications, Review and Price of Innjoo Max 3


Innjoo Official is about to launch its new upgraded smartphone called Innjoo max 3 which they have promised us to expect something more unique and more powerful the the previous launched devices.

According to the Innjoo official website they regard the new Innjoo Max 3 as a reborn of their other smartphones like Innjoo max 2. fire etc, Innjoo as promised that the upcoming Innjoo Max 3 is 

Beyond what you see, There are always worlds beyond what you can see visually.Broaden your vision and see with your mind.What can that world be like?It’s about time. Something is going to come out as a rebirth of what we have.What dou you see behind this stunning appearance?What features dou you expect it to come with?It is all up to you!

From the above statement by Innjoo Company, we will expect much from the new Innjoo Max 3 and for that reason I will drop a summary of expected Specifications and Price of the Innjoo Max 3!!!

Innjoo Max 3 will support 2G, 3G and 4G LTE, with the 4g network support you are ready to enjoy the new generation network, fast browsing video calls and more.

InnJoo Max 3 is expected to be a 5.5 or 6 inch Full HD Dispaly smartphone that will support Finger Print ID authentication, though is ablout what we expect and not officially release as Innjoo decided to let us tell what we desire to see on the new Innjoo max 3

Memory and Ram 

We expect the Innjoo Max 3 to come with a usual 16GB, 32GB internal memory that can equally be expanded to 64GB or 128GB with external SD cards that can enable you installed all heavy duty apps, games and other documents.

The Innjoo Max 3 is also expected to come with at least 2-4GB Ram since the old version (Innjoo max2) comes with 1GB Ram we will expect innjoo max 3 to come with something bigger to handle any heavy duty apps and game that a smart phone can handle.

Innjoo Max 3 is expected to come with something good since the Innjoo max 2 came with 13MP (LED Flash); 8MP (Front) we are hopping to see a slight difference on the camera for the Innjoo Max 3

Battery:Innjoo Max 3 is expected to come with a anything not less then 3000mAH to 4000mAH non removable battery with fast charging capacity, with the expected 3000 OR 4000mAh battery be sure to enjoy your smartphone to the fullest as it can stay long before giving you a low battery warning.

Innjoo Max 3 Android Smartphone is expected to be powered with Android 6.0 Marshmallows which happens to be the latest android operating system and if what we expected is true then you are on the right track of using the latest Android Operating system smartphone that will support all the latest apps and games.

The above review/specs is just about what we expected to so on the upcoming Innjoo Max 3 and but am sure we will see more great features once the innjoo max 3 is released.

Price for the Innjoo Max
Well the truth is that the max 3 is not yet reasoned and so therefore we don’t have the accurate price for it but we will expect it to be between 40,00060,000 Nigerian Naira.


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