Coming soon: Iphone 7 leaked 1,960 Mah Battery feature

September is approaching and it will soon be time for iPhone to unlish their beast (official iPhone 7) device.

Alot of talks have been spreading all over the world. Apple has set the stage for the iPhone 7 to be unraveled to a nervous market.

Some people are moving all over saying iPhone 7 could possibly come with a 1,960 mAh battery. That would be certainly refreshing for those of us who are so particular about smartphone battery life, bearing in mind that the iPhone 6s before the iPhone 7 could only boast of a 1,715 mAh cell.

The only considerable thing here is only the leap in the size of 14% or even more in terms of capacity should this ever turn reality. As battery life is one core thing we need in each device, Apple is not really favouring us and also with adequate call which involves the iPhone 6s.

So should we be blessed with the judicious luxury of 14% improvement in, then it could eventually translate into a longer life span of the battery; which is a much welcome addition for the cost of the iPhone 7.


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