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Big time advantage of Google Maps new features to Travellers!

Remember the times when Google Maps’ navigation mode could not compete with fully fledged GPS apps? Those times are pretty much over. 

Google Maps’ navigation feature has been steadily upgraded over the years, and with the addition of multi-stop trips, it’s getting harder and harder to think of a reason why one would spend money on a standalone GPS navigation app.

The new feature, announced Thursday, lets you add multiple stops to your trip. Google points out that you were previously able to add one stop after you started your navigation. The new feature, however, lets you add multiple destinations and plan your trip out fully before you enter navigation mode.

Another feature launched today is timeline updates. You can now browse through your Google Maps history and add notes, turning the (somewhat creepy) feature into a travel diary of sorts. 

Multi-stop trips and timeline updates are available for Android now, and are coming to the iOS Google Maps app “soon.”

Other recent improvements to Google Maps include new, enhanced satellite imagery as well as the ability to book Uber rides directly from the Google Maps app….

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