Oukitel K6000 Pro Unboxing: Photos, Specifications and Features Review


Having a smartphone is one thing, having a smartphone that suits for all your phone need is another thing and speaking of such, we know the oukitel k6000 pro is bound to fill up some gaps its predecessor left in its spec sheet but, there have been lots of hype and anticipations ever since the K6000 pro was announced, the company promises to avail its buyers with some features of a top level smartphone at a very decent price.  So with all that, many are curious to see if the device is really worth all the hypes, we will find out at the course of this article. Lets quickly go into the box of the K6000 pro and see what’s in store.

Oukitel k6000 pro review


Inside the Oukitel K6000 pro’s box are some quite familiar components except for the reverse charge cord and the extra screen protector, you’ll also find a pin for ejecting the SIM/TF card frame, the big 5v/7v/9v-2A output charger, the USB cord, user guide, warranty certificate and the K6000 pro device that was carefully parked with a rubber case.
Oukitel k6000 pro unboxing


The K6000 pro finishes with a very premium design but not really an award winner, the lower area at the back where the loud speaker is located and the upper side where you’ll find the camera and dual LED flash are both covered with plastic while the battery area which is also where the Fingerprint sensor is located is covered up with metal. Around the border is a full shiny metal chassis, melded to fit the 2.5D curved screen perfectly.

Oukitel k6000 pro back view
top back view with camera/techsvibe.com
Oukitel k6000 pro back bottom view
bottom back view with specker/techsvibe.com
Oukitel k6000 pro bottom
USB & Charger port/techsvibe.com
Oukitel k6000 pro top view
Headphone or Headset port/techsvibe.com
The device has a body thickness of 9.8 mm and weighs approximately 214gram which is quite good after seeing the K4000 pro weigh 250 gram.
In hand, the K6000 pro does feel a bit bulky, thanks to its phablet-sized screen, but also feels comfortable because of its flat back. The relatively flat sides do provide substantial area to hold on to, which is nice because the back is rather slippery when being handled without the rubber case.
Oukitel k6000 pro side view
Side bottons view/techsvibe.com


The K6000 pro came very impressive in the screen department, not only having a shatter and scratch prove screen that we also saw in the K4000 pro and K6000, the device crams  a full HD display that measures 5.5 inches diagonally. Its resolution is set at 1920 by 1080 pixels with a pixel per square density of  480. The overall brightness in the K6000 pro is some what outstanding, colours came out very bold and vibrant when viewed from any angle.
Oukitel k6000 pro screen
screen view/techsvibe.com
Three navigation buttons located at the bottom bezel has no LED light, the screen supports multi-touch with up to 5 fingers and it is also dust and splash proof with IP64 certification.
Oukitel k6000 pro screen
screen view with menu keys/techsvibe.com

OS and Processor

Oukitel K6000 pro is running the android 6.0 marshmallow out of the box with the stock user interface on top, some extra features like Gesture motion, Gesture unlock, Float gesture are available to better enhance the user experience.
Oukitel k6000 pro settingOukitel k6000 pro marshmallowOukitel k6000 pro gesture
In the Gesture motion, there are some interesting options like:
  • Double tap home screen to lock
  • Three point screenshot: you can capture screenshots by just sliding down three fingers at the same time.
  • Three point entry camera: Sliding three fingers upwards at the same time will open the camera.
There is also a ‘System UI Tuner’ option where you can rearrange, remove and reset toggles and shortcuts in the Notification toggle. this option is made available by long-pressing the gear icon when pull down the toggle and it can also be disable that same way.
Oukitel k6000 pro system tunerOukitel k6000 pro system ui tuner
It uses a mediaTek6753 Octa-core 64-bit chipset, the CPU clocks at the speed of 1.3Ghz. Multi-tasking in this device was very seamless as no lags were experienced, thanks to its provisional 3GB RAM, a 32GB worth of internal storage space is also on board and can be further expanded with a microSD card if more storage space is required, this should go well for space and heavy users.
Screenshot_20160522-110818 Screenshot_20160522-132905 oukitel k6000 pro app drawerOukitel k6000 pro music appOukitel k6000 pro messageOukitel k6000 pro phone

Sensor And Benchmark Test

As you might have already seen from the pictures, the K6000 pro features a fingerprint unlock system and just as seen in most android devices, the fingerprint sensor is positioned at the back just below the camera.
oukitel k6000 pro finger print
fingerprint view(the circle in the picture above)/techsvibe.com
Unlocking the device with the fingerprint scanner appeared to be easier and faster, you just have to place a register finger at the scanner –even when the screen is black– for less than a second to unlock the device, it can also be used to control app permissions.
Screenshot_of oukitel k6000 proScreenshot_20160520-122525
Coming down to the Benchmark tests, the K6000 pro didn’t perform too well in the AnTuTu test, It came in the 15th position with a total score of 35,039, see screenshots of the test info below;
Oukitel k6000 pro benchmark tests Screenshot_20160520-122338


For photography purposes, the Oukitel K6000 pro is having a 16 mega pixel camera for the rear shutter, great pick for those who can’t get enough of them selves, its double LED flash is set to give you bright pictures even when you decide to take pictures in the dark, it also has an Auto Focus feature that helped focus better on objects.
Oukitel k6000 pro camera
The gear button in the bottom right pulls up a menu with shooting modes and some more controls, You have Scene modes – landscape, night, night portrait and, well, regular portrait, and also a selection of just few color filter effects. More importantly, the Capture modes offer some interesting options, outside of the usual HDR and Panorama.
At the front is an 8 mega pixel camera for selfie lovers, the camera has a face detection feature which worked efficiently as well, you can take a look at some images that was captured with the device below:


Oukitel k6000 pro sample pictureOukitel k6000 pro sample pictureoukitel k6000 pro camera sampleoukitel k6000 pro camera samples

Battery And Connectivity

The battery capacity available in the K6000 pro is really worth mentioning, it houses a massive 6000 mAh non-removable battery, enough battery juice to keep the lights on for as long as 2 day when fully charged. It also supports reverse charge technology which means you can use the phone to power other devices.
If you’re worried about how long it will take to charge up that massive battery, the 5v/7v/9v-2A output charger that accompanied it charges the phone superfast, it took an estimated time of 2 hour 30 minutes to fully charge from 0%.
The K6000 pro is a dual micro SIM phone with dual standby, however, it has only one dedicated SIM slot while the second slot can either be used as an SD card or a second SIM slot.
Oukitel k6000 pro sim tools
It supports 4G, 3G, and 2G network options, some other features available are; Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi, Tethering and portable hotspot, Hotknot, Radio, OTG and Super power saving mode.
Wired options include a microUSB port and a 3.5mm jack, The microUSB port supports USB On-The-Go so it can be used to attach an external accessory, flash drive for example.


The Oukitel K6000 pro is truly monster specced and from what we’ve seen, it will be fair enough to say that it is worth all the hypes it got, the phone can be a great choice if you want to experience the sweet features of a high-end smartphone without having to break the bank to get one.
Oukitel k6000 pro sample
189 USD price tag is a very nice bargain for a device with the above described features: 3GB RAM, massive 6000 mAh battery a fingerprint sensor and mostly positive impressions in its overall performance.
The measure set back we saw in the K6000 pro so far is its weighty nature but you can blame that on its large 6000 mAh battery, that won’t really be a set back if long battery life is your priority. Finally, the metal body design is more flagship than a mid-ranger.
You can get the device from AliExpress or other online stores.


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