New/Lastest MTN 500MB IMEI Tweak For free browsing


You can now get awoof 500mb by just tweaking the IMEI number I will drop here. 

How To activate MTN 500MB for june 2016?
Tweak this IMEI 862565027546507, then change the last 3 digits (the numbers mark in red i.e 
507) with any random number of your choice until you get a successful message like the screenshot below.  

“Imei Validation Number Successful

For Service 500mb Offer Bundle”

Remember your IMEI must be 15 in number

After tweaking, Send Mifi to 131

And you get your free 500mb to browse any site without VPN or speed throttling. 

However, if you are new to tweaking, check our topics on IMEI tweaking and learn how it is done. 
It not too late now if you have not gotten yours start tweaking now.. 


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