How to backup/sync Android phone contacts to google


 Phone contacts are very important to everybody and most especially business men, they communicate a lot with their business associates, partners, Customers and even prospective buyers.

We all need communication in any of our daily activities, this is where phone contacts plays an important role.

Contacts are the details of your friends, partners or anybody you communicate with stored on your phone,

It may be their phone number, Email address or any other means of reaching them without having a physical conversation.

However, phone contacts are fragile like an egg, you don’t know what might happen to your mobile phone in the future,

It might get damaged, get missing, fall inside the toilet and many other mishaps.

It is necessary to keep extra copies of your phone contact outside of your mobile phone to an external source.

They are the important properties you should keep very well, because without their (friends, family,e.t.c.)contact details you might not be able to communicate with them.

There are many ways you can back up your phone contacts and am going to show you now.
  1.  The Manual Method;

The manual method involves you moving the contacts to an external source outside of your mobile phone internal storage, the manual method can be time-consuming but it is very secure and monitored by you. The Manual methods are;

Transferring to an External Storage (Memory Card)
This requires the use of a SD Card, Using an android phone, I will walk you through the process now:

  • Switch of Your Android Smartphone and Insert the SD Card then switch it on immediately after the process,
  • After switching on the phone, click on the menu icon and click on “contacts icon”,
  • Click on the menu icon of the phone contacts to pop-up option menu,
  • Select import/export from the option menu as seen in the screenshot below,
  • It will show on the next page the storage options, you have to select SD card and click next below the page to continue the process
  • A page containing all your contacts will be shown on the page with options to select the contacts you would like to backup,
  • After Selecting all the contacts, click OK at the top of the screen to finish the process.
  • The selected contacts will be successfully saved in your SD external card under a folder, you should locate the folder and verify whether all the contacts are there.
  • Switch off your phone and safely remove the SD card from the phone

Synchronizing: Using this method you would have to register for a Google account.

After registering for a Google account, you would have to link it with your phone under your android phone settings by selecting “add account” where you would follow the screen instructions to get it activated with your phone.

Your phone contacts will automatically be added to your Google account through automatic synchronization, to check whether your contacts have been fully moved, you have to access your gmail account and click on menu, select contacts there you will see the contacts that have been saved in your Google account which is very secure.

Making Use of Applications
Due to the fact that some android users want more functionality i.e the feature that will automate every process.

Well there are some apps that does just that and among the list of the apps I will be telling you some you should try…

They are inDefend Mobile Backup and SanDisk Memory Zone,

The apps i mentioned here can be used to backup your phone contacts to cloud storage including your android applications don’t worry i will soon make post on that soon,

but for now you can try out those apps especially SanDisk integrates well with major cloud storage services like Dropbox, box and many of them.

It is better to backup your mobile phone contacts, we noticed our network providers here in Nigeria such as MTN, GLO, ETISALAT, AIRTEL and others have introduced sim backup making it easier for subscribers to backup their contact details on their server, it does not require the use of internet connection which is a very good move made my the network providers which in other word means you don’t have to worry to much of loosing your android phone.



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