HOT: Recharge N200 on your MTN and get 50mb free Promo/offer


MTN data bonus on recharge offer has just undergone an upgrade. The offer that gives MTN customers (MyCustomer) 10mb on every recharge of N200 and above has gone one further. Now instead of receiving a mere 10mb, customers will instead receive 50mb or 100mb on all their recharges. 

However the data bonus will be based on the value of the recharge made. To be specific they will receive 50mb on all their recharges between N200 and N499 and 100mb on all their recharges N500 and above.

Needless to say that this offer is available to Betatalk and Trutalk tariff plan subscribers only.
It should be noted also that eligible customers (Betatalk and Trutalk customers will be given this data bonus on all their recharges irrespective of the recharge channel used. In other words whether via VTU, physical/logical or DYA.

This said, the validity period however remains the same. This being 2 days from the day the bonus is received.

Find below table summarizing this new and improved offer.
Recharge Value
Data Bonus
Bonus Validity
Eligible Channels
N200 – N499
2 days
N500 and above

With this new offer it can be said that MTN has struck another milestone in the mobile data landscape has it strives to position itself for better data delivery and customer experience. 

This new offer is clearly an extension of its earlier drive to improve on the value of its data products. A strategy which saw it unleashing its new and improved data packages a few months ago and which strategy is seen as part of its ongoing bid to become more competitive in the data space, a field hitherto dominated by Globacom (Glo). With this new offer then, MTN Nigeria is poised to really give all comers a serious run for their money. 

But let’s not hold our breath. The other major Telcos- Globacom, Etisalat, Airtel,  are hardly going to take this lying down. Like it happened when MTN introduced its revamped data plans offer a few weeks ago, the other telecommunications companies are bound to respond in the coming days with their own improved data bonuses and offers. 

Indeed, nothing less than yesterday within a few hours of the official release of this new offer, I received a text message from Smile Communications telling me that I can get an extra 3gb if I purchase 10gb. Well the offer itself may not have been directly related to MTNs new and improved data bonus offer but needless to say, it surely is a reaction to the general increased competition in the Nigerian telecommunications data space. 

This whole saga will surely prove to be interesting. As a friend of mine once said, “somebody please bring out the popcorn”  #lolzzzz


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